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Pump & Dump is "no longer" an acceptable term in crypto currency

Greetings Yung Astronauts!
I would like to start by saying, "There is no such thing as a bad child". I believe that children learn what they live and are products of their everyday surroundings whether it be poverty or prosperity. With that said, "There is a such thing as a bad child in crypto currency". A "wild child" who is rapidly creating new coins, mining at the speed of light and then reaping rewards through fraudulent methods of exchange trading. This means of trading is called a "Pump & Dump Scheme" and is a criminal offense on Wall Street that comes with fines, forfeiture, incarceration, parole and restitution. I know your yung minds are saying, "It's unregulated, we can do whatever we want!" But the reality is if crypto currency were regulated you would be considered a criminal. Understanding crypto is one thing, understanding securities law & regulation is another.
My point is obvious to a seasoned investor, but would be inconceivable to a yung crypto investor. NYS will be the first to basically take control of Bitcoin in the form of a license and adopted rules which I believe to be a hoax. They haven't a clue on what they are doing from the public eye and are cooperating wanting Bitcoin to work. I believe this to be true, but I also believe it to be a slight of hand on their behalf. Why? NYS regulation has nothing to do with CFTC, Federal, FINRA, or SEC regulation in the US. Ex: Medical Marijuana is legal in some US states, but not federally legalized in "any" US states, same premise will apply to Bitcoin. So now we have COIN? The brainchild of the Winklevoss stooges, a joke when they got robbed of Facebook and a still a joke today in my book. Money doesn't come with brains, these guys pay "so-called" trusted advisors, for me to take these guys serious would be a cardinal sin. They are giving Bitcoin away to it's natural born enemy, "the state" and selling it out commercially for their own personal financial agenda and objectives. Much like MC Hammer or Vanilla Ice were accused of. Hey, "Let's give this kitten to the pitbull's." I wonder what Satoshi Nakamoto is thinking? Remember Bitcoin was created for equality, not for the rich to get richer, while gaining MORE control. Why even support BTC? It will become another version of USD if we are not careful.
However, COIN which is an ETF created by the Winklevoss twins is a Bitcoin oriented Exchange Traded Fund based on the WinDex market price of Bitcoin which is Winklevoss created. I believe in the concept completely, but I believe COIN should have been launched on Coinbase as their "second" investment product which would have helped in the "self regulation" of Bitcoin, not the "joint regulation". Coinbase has enough capital and support to do this and the Winklevoss twins are in bed with them. Their sole reason for listing on NASDAQ is to gain mainstream "investor" exposure and trap real whales or bag holders they so "urgently seek" to profit tangibily on Bitcoin. The twins cannot possibly sell off their BTC, it would kill it! They need to "cross out" of their position at equal pricing (both buyeseller) to keep the price stabilized the old fashioned way, the Wall Street way. They need new blood, new money. The 2 stooges own a total of 1% of all Bitcoin's mined, so new capital will allow them to "gently liquidate" their valuable holdings and convert them to USD. They do not believe in Bitcoin, they believe in capitalism and this is their EXIT strategy. By their doing, Bitcoin will now be sanctioned by a whole "new" set of rules outside of NYS. These rules will be enforced by FINRA and the SEC if the COIN ETF gets a NASDAQ listing, it is mandatory or the Winklevoss ETF cannot list and that is a fact. My reasoning, You cannot get half pregnant!
Without boring you with all of the stock market rules and regulations, upon COIN's listing I would have to believe any NYS/US Bitcoin related exchange and/or investment vehicle will eventually fall under strict FINRA/SEC federal regulation. NYS regulation will act somewhat like the Investment Advisory Act Of 1940 to govern states individually. FINRA/SEC regulation will cover the markets in general like other investments. We might see CFTC regulation enforced if ever Bitcoin is reclassified as a commodity. So it is important to understand they are going to enforce similar regulation to Bitcoin as they did FOREX, gold, and other precious metals in which the physical side is still the wild west. They want to enforce the sale of Bitcoin, so they can weed out some who have made bad decisions in the past which is about 50% of adult crypto. Restricting people who have a criminal past or securities related charges is a standard position taking on Wall Street for investor protection purposes. While they appear to be protecting the public, their white shoe friends will take over Bitcoin and sell it through all the major wire houses generating commission checks and capital gain tax for everybody!!! I see Bitcoin's future, I really do. It's gonna work well, but we will lose our foot hold as a community, It will just become another form of Paypal.
So my rant on regulation is simple. When the IRS classified Bitcoin as an asset everything was "retroactive". Let's say they impose federal regulation and do the same thing? We are looking at many crimes committed in crypto currency and many people going to crypto prison. My main objective of this post is to educate our youth on the future laws to come. Pump & Dump is "no longer" an acceptable term in crypto currency, it cheapens this technological innovation that will change our financial landscape as we know it yesterday. When an investment trades higher in value on Wall Street it's called a "price increase", "surge in value" or something of that nature. Please understand Yung Astronauts you were taught wrong, choose your words wisely. Become the good children of crypto currency and make more money developing the alt coin side of Bitcoin, it is "our" only hope for a future with anonymity.
Talk at cha'
Gordan @GordanCrypto
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